A new track record was set on Sunday - August 9, 2009. The track record had not been broken for 21 years.

"Dance Step" owned by "Don Ransom" of Boissevain, "Keith Earle", "Bill Lourie" & "Bob Strenich" all of Winnipeg & driven by "Gregory Manning" finished the preferred race in the record time of 1.57.3 beating the former record of 1.58.2 set by "Cliffs Transport N" in 1988.

This year (2010) the Killarney Races will be holding the "Manitoba Great West Stake" which is a very prestigious race, drawing horses from out of province. This race is open to the world with payments paid every year to keep the horses eligible until their 3yr old year when they race. This year they will race for a purse of approximately $16,000.00.
2009 Track Record Holder
L-R: Don Ransom, Keith Earle, Dance Step, Jodie Earle & Greg Manning